The one hour Challenge

With a limited investment of one hour for a pro-bono conversation with our team, the challenge is ours to reply with ideas that materially move the needle for you, your family and your legacy. You will be the judge as to whether the conversation continues, perhaps extending into the Legacy Audit process.

Legacy Audit Value Proposition

Over decades of advising affluent families and successful businesses regarding estate, business and financial planning, we have proven through experience the following axioms:

  • We have never engaged with a successful client that has done no planning whatsoever; but we also have never engaged with a client that knows and has done everything of potential value.

  • You can’t know what you don’t know.

    From the local professional or business owner, to the billionaire at the pinnacle of financial achievement, we have never emerged from an engagement process without valuable revelation and newfound knowledge, which have translated to client value. Our unique firm represents a synergistic blending of industry leading interpersonal skills, analytics, and tax, legal, financial experience that identifies hidden opportunities of great potential value for our clients.

    Whether refining existing planning or uncovering new opportunities, the incremental effects of our process tend to be significant magnitude in relation to a client’s overall profile. 

The Process

  • Initial informal conversation and reciprocal introductory exchange. The goal of the initial meeting is to establish whether the potential engagement is a “fit” for all parties

  • If an engagement is initiated, an extensive process of gathering client facts and circumstances ensues.

  • Once fully informed as to client’s current circumstances, goals , desires, and existing/anticipated planning initiatives, our team provides analysis and recommendations as deemed appropriate.

  • If after consideration of recommendations by the client and their advisory team, the client opts for implementation of some or all recommendations, our team collaboratively embarks upon execution of the clients chosen objectives.

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against a arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that
principle is contempt prior to investigation.”
— Herbert Spencer

Knowledge is like a strong breeze in a sail capturing a powerful force. Wisdom is the rudder that directs that force to a desired destination guided by clear Vision. All three elements are necessary for a successful voyage.

Planning strategies can be a vehicle to propel you in the journey to your legacy.

Our knowledge of the best available strategies, guided by your wisdom and vision, are the essentials that will ensure your safe arrival at the desired destination. 

Sample Engagement Criteria and Process Description

Client Profiles:

  1. Affluent families

  2. Real estate entrepreneurs

  3. Closely held business owners

  4. Corporate executives

  5. Professionals (medical, tax, legal, etc.)

  6. Sports and Entertainment personalities

Client interaction:

  1. Initial preliminary meeting

  2. Fact finding, data gathering and goal setting

  3. Analysis and recommendation review

  4. Planning team interaction, vetting

  5. Implementation logistics

  6. Ongoing reviews as required, minimum annually

Typical issues addressed:

  1. Existing estate, financial, insurance, planning review / audit and assessment 2) Transfer tax / capital gains tax mitigation / elimination

  2. Tax efficient business and family asset succession strategies

  3. Business planning, succession, exec comp, key person, deferred comp

  4. Retirement plan analysis / financially engineered high IRR tax free income alternatives

  5. Family Bank / intergenerational liquidity strategies

  6. International planning

  7. Asset protection

  8. Family legacy planning 10) Charitable planning

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