Hidden alpha revealed

Families of wealth spend money during their lifetimes, and leave wealth for future generations. Many investment management experts focus most of their time and resources on trying to maximize investment returns. Achieving a relatively small incremental improvement over market indexes or peers might be considered by many to be a very successful long term investment result, and rightly so.





In the area of Legacy planning, we focus on a clear understanding of the level of assets required to meet a lifetime of living goals and objectives, and thereby estimate the asset base that is likely to be left to heirs as legacy assets. In our experience, we have found that the use of specially designed legacy assets, in combination with tax, legal and financial engineering can yield a significant source of hidden alpha, or, risk adjusted return.

As focused legacy planners, we are experts at maximizing your legacy assets. It is our passion. We combine creative strategies and specially designed legacy assets to achieve remarkable results. We have found that the legacy portion of a portfolio may be the most commonly overlooked source of value, truly representing a dynamic and distinct asset class worthy of careful and expert attention.

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