mailbox or masterpiece?


There is a prevalent bias that those advisors whose toolbox includes life insurance and other financial products are merely implementing a common commodity purchase. This impression is not without merit in the financial services industry as a whole.

However, we use an analogy to describe our perspective on those thoughts as follows:


For about the same amount of money, one can buy paint and brushes sufficient to paint a mailbox or a masterpiece. Our experience is that with regards to life insurance portfolios, many affluent clients have beautifully painted mailboxes, when instead they could have a Van Gogh, Rembrandt, or Picasso. The cost of the materials can be very similar, and yet the end results can be of vastly different value. It takes great skill and creativity to create a masterpiece. PH Robb Legacy Alliance is in the financial masterpiece business, building lasting legacies of immense value.

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