Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning is a broad discipline that includes estate, retirement, and charitable planning. Goal identification and discerning legacy assets from living assets are a critical starting point. Our patented interactive, advisor guided platform, LegacyTrax simplifies complex concepts and reveals new perspectives.


Wealth Management

Wealth management (Wealth Creation & Preservation) refers to the specific techniques by which lifetime financial goals and legacy goals are achieved. It is the core concept of all financial, tax, and legal planning. Different for each and every client, wealth management is the ongoing, lifelong, intergenerational -mantra of the set of guiding principles that is developed through a full understanding of big-picture goals and how best to achieve them. In its highest and most valuable form, it is both collaborative and synergistic.


Advanced Planning

Beyond traditional planning is an area that has come to be known as “Advanced Planning”. For ultra-high net-worth families and businesses, commonplace-planning techniques may not be appropriate or advisable. More importantly, the economic impact to wealth transfer efforts may be limited. We work with internal and external resources in the fields of law, taxation, accounting and finance to develop the most innovative, sophisticated and effective solutions currently utilized by some of the wealthiest families and their advisors.

Financial Engineering


Advanced planning often requires integration of legal and financial concepts. Financial engineering is a process that uses existing financial tools in unconventional ways or in combination with different planning techniques to create an enhanced outcome. Our team of professionals stay ahead of the curve by thoroughly analyzing and evaluating best of breed financial instruments (both established and new), insurance concepts, credit facilities, and unique structured products utilized by the wealthiest families and most successful privately held businesses. We are constantly reviewing how these tools are being applied by the best legal and tax minds. Furthermore, we assist our clients and their advisors in quantifying and measuring the efficacy of legal and financial techniques against alternatives so they can make a fact based, empirically supported decision.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Our team has unique experience, knowledge, and resources that enable us to take traditional planning opportunities to a whole new level. We are able to create impactful custom solutions for each and every client. Through the collaborative efforts of our diverse team, we design powerful custom solutions for every client. As innovators in proprietary premium financing and creative discounting techniques, we bring exclusive resources to our clients and industry partners.

Business Consulting

Many of our clients’ most significant asset and source of wealth is their business. Consequently, the integration of personal and business planning are often inseparable. Comprehensive planning that incorporates business interests as well as personal estate planning is a core competency of our firm. We have developed platforms, some of which are proprietary, which incorporate everything from tax efficient succession planning to executive benefits and captive risk management strategies into the legacy planning process. Our team provides solutions to companies of all sizes in both the public and private sector.



Today’s U.S. citizens form the most philanthropic nation in history. Many of our clients desire to share their wealth with society, and we cherish the opportunity to help them in that honorable endeavor. Legacy planning includes both personal and public legacies and our creative strategies maximize results in both areas as desired by our clients while minimizing tax erosion.

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