Legacy Audit

To begin a journey, one must first understand the starting point. Our Legacy Audit team employs 100 + years experience in the design structure and funding of life insurance portfolios. As consultants to leading tax legal financial and insurance firms, a role earned by our  completely objective analytical approach, we are uniquely capable of not only empirical  industry and policy analysis, but most importantly, assessing whether  existing structures math a client’s current goals and objectives and are benefiting from the optimization of state of the art strategies and products.

Our proprietary Legacy Audit process (make this a link to the Legacy Audit write up  pop-up), reveals opportunity and efficiencies, creates synergy with the client’s entire planning team , and maximizes results in line with client goals objectives and vision. The process begins with a “One Hour Challenge” which is an introductory interview sufficient to determine the benefits a Legacy Audit is likely to reveal.



LegacyTrax is our patented, proprietary technology platform that embodies our core philosophy regarding Legacy planning. It is an interactive exercise between our clients and advisors, driven by client input, which helps clients understand wealth management and overall Legacy planning from a fresh perspective. Designed to simplify complex issues, LegacyTrax empowers clients to see through the haze of what can sometimes be overwhelming complexity, so that they can see the big picture with clarity, and embrace the power and value of opportunities from the onset of planning discussions.

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